Acid and heat resisting bricks

Item No.: NSW
Specifications of  Acid and heat resisting bricks:
Acid & Heat-resistant Brick,Tiles
1.Very excellent acid & Alkali resistant
2.High temperature resistance
3.High quality level
The Acid Proof Brick /Acid resisting Bricks/Tiles/Plates have very excellent sulphuric acid proof performances. They can withstand violent heat and cold, and they are used in kinds of chemical acid conditions as walling , flooring and lining.Acid Resistance Performance 99.8%.
Ceramic acid-proof bricks and tiles:
a) Very excellent acid resistant and alkali resistant
b) High temperature resistance
c) Can withstand violent heat and cold
d) Used as flooring, lining in many kinds of chemical reactors, towers (including drying towers and absorption towers), and tanks of acids and other chemicals in chemical factories, fertilizer factories, sulphuric acid factories and iron and steel factories
e) Also used as lining of antiseptic pools and ditches

  Main specifications:
Item Unit Index Standard
Specifc weight g/c 2.31-2.4 ZBG94003-86
Water absorption % >0.2 GB8488-87
Anti-acid % 99.8 GB8488-87
Flexural strength Mpa 42 GB8488-87
Crushing strength Mpa 120 ZBG94003-86
Thermal stablity 130-20 No crackle after three times GB8488-87

  Standard dimensions for Bricks/Plates Etc.:
Name Size Name Size
Standard brick 230×113×65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 100×100×15
Rectangular brick 230×65×65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 150×150×15-30
Transv wedge vrick 230×113×55/65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 150×75×15-30
Transv wedge brick 230×113×25/65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 125×125×15
Vertical wedge brick 230×113×55/65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 80×80×10
Vertical wedge brick 230×113×25/65 Anti-acid ceramic plate 50×50×10