Acid Resistant Brick(Standard)

Item No.: NS
Acid Resistant Brick Uses of Acid Proof Bricks/Chemical Resistant Brick.
Common size of Acid Resistant Bricks(Standard)(mm)
300×300×30 300×300×20 300×300×15 200×200×15 200×200×20 200×200×30 150×150×15 150×150×20 150×150×30 230×113×15 230×113×20 230×113×30 230×113×65 150×75×15 150×75×20 150×75×30 200×200×25 400×400×20

The main component of Acid Resistant Bricks is silica, it formed mullite in a large number of high temperature roasting, the acid is a kind of high performance material. The acid resistant brick structure, low water absorption, so at room temperature are resistant to alkaline medium at any concentration, but not resistant to high temperature molten alkali acid. Contains more than 70% silica brick, formed by sintering in the industry is mostly used in masonry, wells, ditch acid acid acid storage base and acid by the impact of large ground.
Acid Resistant Bricks Specification
CHARACTERISTIC Measurement unit Index value Standards
Density g/cm3 2.31-2.4 GB/T8488-2001
Water absorption % ≤2.0 GB/T8488-2001
Acid fastness % ≥99.8 GB/T8488-2001
Bending strength Mpa ≥58.8 GB/T8488-2001
Compressive strength Mpa ≥120 GB/T8488-2001
Thermal stability 130℃---20℃ Once, no crack GB/T8488-2001

Chemical composition of Acid Resistant Bricks
Chemical composition Content% Chemical composition Content%
siO2 60-70 MgO 0.1-0.8
al2O3 20-30 Na2O 0.5-3
FeO 0.5-3 K2O 1.5-2
CaO 0.3-1