Pre-cured Butyl Rubber

Item No.: XY-60
Pre-cured Butyl Rubber is applicable for steel or cement based surface.
XY-60 is a kind of soft anti-corrosive rubber lining based on butyl rubber, which shall be constructed with cold adhesion at the construction site and, also vulcanized with hot water or vapor at the construction site. The thickness of the rubber lining shall be 2-5mm as service requirements required.
Typical Application
XY-60 shall be taken as the lining material for steal or cement composition, which can prevent the component from corrosion by chemical substances with strong corrosion, such as acid or alkaline solution, and salt solution. XY-60 is mainly applied to flue gas desulfurization device, phosphorus chemical industry, titanium dioxide or purifying plants of other gases,  corrosion prevention and drainage of components of chemical device, processing equipment of technological process water or infiltration water in refuse treatment plant. 

The chief feature of XY-60 is its excellent resistance to the anti-corrosion mediums, such as acid, alkali and salt. XY-60 has higher chemical stability for preventing permeation. It is specially applicable for cold adhesion at the construction site.