XYFN-1 furan resin

Item No.: XYFN-1
XYFN-1 Furan mortar used in building.
The main corrosion resistance of XYFN furan resin
Working medium Corrosion resistance Working medium Corrosion resistance
Sulphuric acid ≦60% Resistance Ammonia Resistance
Hydrochloric acid ≦31% Resistance Urea (saturated solution) Resistance
Sodium hydroxide 20%-40% Resistance Ammonium chloride (saturated solution) Resistance
Sulphuric acid 60% & Sodium hydroxide 10% Alternate Resistance Ammonium nitrate (saturated solution) Resistance
Nitric acid 5%-10% Resistance Ammonium sulfate (saturated solution) Resistance
Phosphoric acid ≦75% Resistance Sodium sulfate (saturated solution) Resistance
Acetic acid ≦20% Resistance Acetone No resistance
Chromic acid ≦5% Resistance Ethanol Resistance
Hydrofluoric acid ≦20% Resistance Sodium chloride Resistance
Fluorine containing salts Resistance Copper and zinc electrolyte 70 Resistance

Main properties of XYFN-1 furan resin
Item compression strength, MPa Bonding force with granite, MPa Elastic modulus, MPa Shrinkage, % Maximum operating temperature, ℃ Curing time(20℃),
Mortar ≧60 ≧1.5 0.20 140 ≦14
Concrete ≧50 1.5×104 0.1 140 ≦14